Florida’s First Highwaymen

July 14-September 23, 2017
Sara May Love Gallery

Florida’s First Highwaymen is an exhibition featuring the artists who first began the group later identified as “Highwaymen”. The story of how an established, popular, white landscape painter A.E. "Bean" Backus taught two young black men, Alfred Hair and Harold Newton, to paint in Fort Pierce, Florida, in the late 1950's and early 1960’s, and the impact socially and culturally. Those artists met and taught others to paint in the core group, some of whom also studied with Backus, including Mary Ann Carroll, Sam Newton and James Gibson. At that time, black artists were not permitted to exhibit and sell work in galleries, nor were they represented in any museum - even the art of landscape painting itself was seen as a "white" venture at the time. Yet these young painters learned to paint landscapes and earned a living selling paintings along roadsides, in private homes, and parking lots. Gadsden Arts is borrowing work from the A.E. Backus Museum of Art and several private collections. Programming included guided tours provided at no charge (please call 627-5023 to schedule), complimentary Audio Tours, and a downloadable catalog.


Download the Florida's First Highwaymen Catalog HERE.

Special Thanks
Lending Institution and Collectors

A.E Backus Museum of Art • Peggy Brady • Annette Cowart • Regina Davis
Zoe Golloway • Julie and Hal Lewis • Sheree and David Porter • Elaine and Bob Woodward


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Damfino's Cafe and Market • Sandy Higdon • McMillan Design • Dean Mitchell

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Nancy Adams • Anne Draper • Juliane Hackney • Ranie Thompson

Kevin Boldenow: Vanishing Florida

July 14-September 23, 2017
Zoe Golloway Gallery

Vanishing Florida: A Visual Story of Florida’s Lost Wilderness and History showcases Kevin Boldenow’s passion for photography and Florida. The award winning photographer is inspired by the density and drama of the Florida landscape and uses primarily black and white film “to capture the myriad textures and details found on the overwhelmingly verdant landscape”.


Chattahoochee Decorative Artists Guild

August 5–September 30 2017
Munroe Family Community Gallery

Members of the Chattahoochee Decorative Artists Group are exhibiting work in the Munroe Family Community Gallery. Artists included in this exhibition are: Maryalice Baumann, Lann Boyd, Sharon Foulk, Patsy Justice, George New, Joretta Parker, Donna Brown-Porter, Judith Reeder, Lisa Revells, Wanda Sapp, and Linda Sellers.

Gadsden Arts Artists Guild

June 17- September 19, 2017
Bates Community Room

On display is the third of four 2017 exhibitions from Gadsden Arts Artists Guild members. View work by Nancy Adams, Penny G. Anderson, Edward Babcock, Sandy DeLopez, Wendy Devarieux, Shirley Dyal, Rosemary S. Ferguson, Howard Ferstler, Carole Fiore, Neil Fletcher, Brenda Francis, Terry Hawkins, Brenda Bethay Martin, William McKeown, Pam McLean, Kent Putnam, Roger Raepple, Don Schneider, Robert DeWitt Smith, and Chuck Stannard. The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Artists Guild was formed to provide an opportunity for local and regional artists to exhibit their artwork year-round, participate in educational seminars and critiques, and volunteer their time helping with Gadsden Arts fundraising events and educational programming. The Guild has over 50 members who live throughout the region and work in a variety of mediums including glass, mixed media, oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography and pen & ink. Learn more about the Artists Guild here.


Florida Vernacular Artists from the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Permanent Collection

March–December 2017
Bates Permanent Collection Gallery

Vernacular artists have often been marginalized as other than “fine” artists through distinctions like folk, outsider, naive, primitive, self-taught, or visionary. However, their expressive designs contain powerful messages about personal tragedy, faith, struggle, injustice, community, and individuality. “Vernacular art” refers to the visual language expressed by artists living in the south, whose art is deeply rooted in their environment, and who have little to no art education or schooling, or outside influences on their artistic style. This exhibition of works from the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Permanent Collection features art by five Florida Vernacular artists: Alyne Harris, Mary L. Proctor, O.L. Samuels, Ruby Williams, and Purvis Young.


29th Art in Gadsden
Regional Exhibition of Fine Art

October 13-December 16, 2017
Sara May Love Gallery, Zoe Golloway Gallery, Munroe Family Community Gallery 

The Art in Gadsden exhibition was the foundation for the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. The founders of the Art in Gadsden exhibition, Beth Appleton and David Harbaugh, wanted to bring fine art to Gadsden County, foster the careers of local artists and draw the community together through this special event. Beginning in 1989, Art in Gadsden was displayed in empty downtown storefronts in Quincy, all put together and organized by a dedicated and all volunteer community. The juror for the 29th Art in Gadsden is Audra Pittman, Executive Director of the Council on Culture & Arts (COCA).


The deadline to submit an application for the 29th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art has passed. Contact Curator Angie Barry if you'd like to be added to the artists list for next year.


Kenneth Falana's untitled collage (below) was selected for the 2016 Art in Gadsden poster. Posters are for sale in the Gadsden Arts Museum Shop. Click here to view the award winners from last year

Florida Watercolor Society:
46th Annual Exhibition

January 12–March 24, 2018
Sara May Love Gallery

Gadsden Arts will be hosting the Florida Watercolor Society’s 46th annual traveling exhibition that showcases some of the best watercolorists working in Florida today. This exhibition starts at the Coral Springs Museum of art with 100 works, and then the top 35 will travel to Gadsden Arts. Iain Stewart, an internationally known watercolorist and illustrator from Alabama, is the juror. This exhibition of work demonstrates the exciting new directions that artists have taken water media and expands viewers’ perception of traditional watercolor.


Roger Raepple: Long exposure photography

January 12–March 24, 2018
Zoe Golloway Gallery

Photographer Roger Raepple is known for his long-exposure photographs, which capture scenic places while emphasizing specific elements within them. Long-exposure is a process by which an artist keeps the shutter of the camera open for an extended period of time for each picture, allowing more light to enter the lens. The resulting image captures an additional sense of time passing while the object or scene remains in place. Raepple enjoys experimenting with an array of subjects, genres, and processes to create works which explore a new way to reveal a subject or feeling. He aims to interpret his observations creatively rather than record them as they are.

The Art of Glass and Fire:
enamels by Kathleen Wilcox and her students

January-February 2018
Munroe Family Community Gallery

The Art of Glass and Fire will introduce and educate the visitors to the art and techniques of enameling, the process of fusing glass to metal. For over 30 years, Kathleen Wilcox has been working as a full-time studio artist producing one-of-a-kind enamels on metal. In addition to being a practicing artist, she enjoys teaching private art lessons and holding group workshops in a number of artistic processes and mediums. This exhibition will showcase the work of Wilcox and several of her accomplished students including Camille Patton, Terrie Corbett, Teresa Rever, Lynda Hartnig, Emoryette McDonald, Kathy Burnett, and Jaye Houle.

Connectivity: Figurative Paintings by Liu Nan

April 13–June 23, 2018
Sara May Love Gallery

Chinese master of oriental brush painting and calligraphy, Liu Nan has created a series of life-sized figurative oil paintings that reflect on his experiences working on the Florida A & M University campus in Tallahassee, Florida. Nan draws inspiration for his works from his subjects’ assertion of self and individuality, which are visually expressed through bold clothing and varied accessories. He focuses on portraying his observations of students’ connectivity within their campus lives; many of his figures are using their cellphones or other technology devices in lieu of connecting interpersonally with the other students in their surroundings. Liu Nan’s artwork have been exhibited and collected across the United states among public institutions, museums, galleries, and private patrons.

Wildlife of North America:
Paintings by John Isaacs

April 13–June 23, 2018
Zoe Golloway Gallery

With extensive study under notable instructors and years of dedications to his craft, John Isaacs focuses his skills on rendering images of wildlife. In keeping true to his belief that art is a vehicle for self-expression, Isaacs aims to capture wildlife in his surrounding world and portray each scene in his own unique and creative way.

Suzanne Edwards Doddridge

March-April 2018
Munroe Family Community Gallery

Although Suzanne Edwards Doddridge began her career in watercolor, she now mainly works with pastels and oil paints. She draws inspiration for her works from the picturesque landscapes of her youth here in Gadsden County, Florida, as well as North Carolina, where she currently resides.


B’Rael Ali: mixed media

May-June 2018
Munroe Family Community Gallery

B’Rael Ali utilizes mixed media in his drawings and paintings which feature figurative narratives about the African American experience. His work combines the concepts of urban life, history, and social commentary in order to achieve a message of identity and ancestry within the African American community. B’Rael’s work has been exhibited in several galleries and a number of his pieces have been sold to private collections.



  • Doell West: Life in Color
  • FOUND: Southern Vernacular Art & Gee's Bend Quilts
  • Sketchcrawl Tallahassee
  • Contemporary Art from the Coast: Joyce Estes, Joe Kotzman, Jaime Llewelyn, & Leslie Wentzell
  • MJ Lord: Warp – Weft – Image
  • Gadsden Arts Artists Guild Exhibitions



  • Tim Myrick: A Southern State of Mind
  • North Florida Woodturners
  • Sheila Robertson: Before All This
  • Reflections: American Society of Marine Artists
  • Arthur Dillard: Days of our Lives
  • Chattahoochee Decorative Artists Group
  • Suzanna Winton: Life in the South
  • Kay Cromartie Life Masks
  • donalee pond-Koenig: Florida Flats
  • 27th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art
  • 2015 Out of Pocket: Small Art Exhibition
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions


  • New Visions of Florida Landscape: Liu Nan and Nancy Baur Dillen
  • Owen Gray: Florida Landscape paintings
  • Masterworks on the Move: American Paintings from Wesleyan College
  • Chris C. Nolan: Outside the Box
  • Hot Wax & Hot Glass: Leslie Neumann & Susan Gott
  • Russell Bellamy: Sequential Perceptions
  • Michael Harrell: Southern Shores
  • Wendy Durand: Ceramic Elegance
  • Edward Babcock: Divine Essence: Beauty & the Botanical
  • 26th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art
  • 2014 Out of Pocket: a small art invitational
  • Candace Allen: cut paper collages
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • Master Artists Exhibition and Sale


  • 36th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition
  • A Portrait of Historic Gadsden County Exhibition
  • The Black Heritage Trail: A Route in Search of Roots traveling exhibition
  • Made in Florida 2013: Florida Craftsmen Members’ Exhibition
  • Natalia Andreeva: Scenes from Nature
  • Virginia Coultas’s Children: My Special Joy
  • 2013 Out of Pocket: a small art exhibition
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 25th Silver Anniversary Art in Gadsden



  • Alternatives to Unconsciousness: sculpture by Barbara Balzer
  • Fantasy Expressions: acrylic paintings by Tom Busby
  • Jill Quadagno paintings: The Color of Light
  • Diversity & Creativity: Photography in the 21st Century, co-curated by Jessie Lovano Kerr, including work by Edward Babcock, Robert Constand, Barbara Aleene Edwards, Bill Humphries, Jim Miller, David Moynahan, and Stewart Nelson
  • Audiowood: New Sculpture by Joel Scilley
  • Randy & Debra Brienen paintings: Town & Country
  • Inside/Out: cut-paper assemblage by Beth Appleton and sculpture by Deborah LaGrasse
  • Bound and Unfettered: work by Ben Bivins
  • Tallahassee Watercolor Society’s Brush Strokes: Annual Members Juried Water Media Exhibition
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 24th Art in Gadsden



  • Alla Prima: oil paintings by John Standford, Kathleen Carter, Jennifer Clinard, Deborah DeBack-Wright, Hank Fleck, Keith McCullogh, Charles Manning, Jill Quadagno, Edward White, and Adeline Wilkes
  • Robin Rodgers Sculpture
  • Stalking the Wild Landscape: plein air paintings by Lynn Priestly and Julie Bowland 
  • The Life of a Quilt: Eluster Richardson 
  • Heather Parker: The Creative Process
  • Dean Mitchell: Rich in Spirit 
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 23rd Art in Gadsden



  • Diversity and Virtuosity: artwork by present and retired FAMU Faculty: Kenneth Falana, Valerie Goodwin, Deborah LaGrasse, Liu Nan, Joe Roache, Edward White, Chester Williams, Harris Wiltsher, and Ron Yrabedra
  • Classical Beauty: Figure Drawing Group
  • Southern Traditions: watercolors by William H. McKeown, pen & ink by Clay Lovel, and bronze sculptures by Eric Baret
  • Water in our World: traditional film photography by Larry Fuchs
  • Transparent Spectrum: watercolors by Don Taylor and glass by Cheryl Sattler 
  • American Imagery: Trudy Wheeler photographs
  • Mark Lindquist: 40 year retrospective
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 22nd Art in Gadsden



  • Phil Gleason sculpture
  • Journey Toward Freedom: Historical Photography from the Civil Rights Movement and present day "Trailblazers"
  • Vernal Equinox: paintings by Dean Gioia & turned wood by members of the North Florida Woodturners 
  • Anna C. Carlton watercolors
  • Real to Abstract and Back: paintings by Robert DeWitt Smith
  • Light N Up: work by members of the Havana Artists Co-op
  • Gary Abernathy paintings and Terry Arthur turned wood
  • Nature Photography from members of the St. Mark’s Photo Club 
  • Vernacular Art from the Hill Collection 
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 21st Art in Gadsden



  • The Assembly: works by David McLeish, Matt Miley, Robin Venable, Jeremy Waltman
  • Southern Watercolor Society 31st Annual Exhibition
  • Sweet Medicine: Michael Hunnewell ceramics
  • Baba Wagué Diakité ceramics
  • A Traveler’s View: Wendy Devarieux pastels
  • Beauty Spots: Photography of Gadsden County
  • Surrounding Beauty: photography by BC Parker and Doug Hassing 
  • Dean Mitchell’s New Orleans 
  • Tim Myrick watercolors
  • Out of Pocket II: a small art invitational
  • Noir: Jason Orman 
  • GAC Artists Guild Exhibitions
  • 20th Art in Gadsden 



  • Tyler Turkle: Plastic History
  • Robert Rauschenberg: America Mix
  • From Marsh to Mountain: paintings by Suzanne Doddridge
  • Chester Williams sculpture: African Affinity
  • Spiritual Sojourn: Amos Lewis
  • Original Florida: pastel drawings by Eileen McCann
  • Flower Power Invitational 
  • Susan Tramell watercolors: The Flora of La Florida
  • Be Here, Right Now: Kazuyo Hira abstract paintings
  • Julie Baroody: Living and Dreaming
  • Paintings by William Hugh McKeown and Dawn McMillan 
  • Tallahassee Watercolor Society Brush Strokes Exhibition
  • Dean Mitchell watercolors
  • 19th Art in Gadsden 



  • Eluster Richardson: New Struggles and Triumphs
  • Bronze by Cooley: Florida wildlife and history captured in bronze
  • Landscape with a Spider: Sean Sexton paintings and Jacquie Fort fiber sculptures
  • Vik Muniz: Remastered
  • Natural Elegance: paintings by Hank Fleck, Jane Tallman, Charles Clough: 
  • 18th Art in Gadsden



  • Omar Thompson: America’s Backyard, Our History Assembled
  • Winner’s Circle: Past Art in Gadsden Award Winners
  • Kiln Joy: Works Tempered by Fire
  • Out of Pocket: Small Art Invitational
  • Home Grown: 23 Artists of Gadsden County
  • All that Glitters: works by Denise Choppin, Kathleen Wilcox, and Ron Yrabedra
  • Regional exhibitions: Works by Gabrielle Wu Lee, Jan Segrest, Nancy Jacey, Carole Robertson, Susan Floyd, Christine Hornsleth, Alice Cappa
  • Gustavo Castillo and Carmen Lagos
  • 17th Art in Gadsden



  • Five Elements: work by members of the FSU Artists League
  • Works by Dean Mitchell: Coming Home
  • Dean Gioia: Turn of Light
  • Florida Craftsman 50th Annual Exhibition
  • Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit
  • Perspectives: paintings by Dawn McMillan and Cynthia Nunez
  • 16th Art in Gadsden



  • Soulscapes: Yvonne Tucker, Marion McDanield, and Qadira Lutfi
  • Return Engagement: Earl Johnson and Peter Bigelow
  • Looking in on the Way Out: Linda Hall and Joan Matey
  • Art that Works: metal sculpture by John Raulerson, Chris Hampton and Jeremy Colbert
  • Sporting Art: paintings and wood decoys curated by Ron Ernst
  • Ten Women in Art: Becky Beerensson, Carol Garutti, Ellen Pavlakos, Lydia Nelson Friedland, Nancy Dillen, Beth Aronson-Meggs, Chris Adams, Glenda Taylor, Lynn Spencer, Susan Martin
  • 15th Art in Gadsden



  • Mark Miller sculpture: Past Times and Culture Revisited
  • Just Face It: New Works by Eluster Richardson
  • Alena Havlin: Paintings
  • Artist as Model: artists influenced by Alena Havlin: Dawn McMillan, Richard Chittenden, Marlys Cox
  • Clyde Butcher:  The New Millennium Exhibit
  • (no space) Art Foundation Reunion: Continuum
  • Alex Hinson Jr. abstract paintings and Martha Page ceramics
  • Florida Craftsmen Invitational
  • Gadsden Arts Teachers’ Exhibition
  • 14th Art in Gadsden
  • Paintings by Ruth Dryden Deshaies and Francois Baudin d’Ajoux



  • Radiant Spaces: Ray Burggraf and Mark Messersmith
  • Dean Mitchell: Journey of an American Painter
  • Florida State University Student Exhibition: 3D Design 
  • Tallahassee Watercolor Society Tri-State Watercolor Exhibition
  • Robert Constand: black and white photography
  • The Beach Comes to Quincy, mixed media invitational curated by Ed Hulsey
  • Natural Instincts: paintings Julie Bowland and raku pottery by Robin Rogers
  • Ralph Hurst sculpture and Linda Van Beck paintings
  • 13th Art in Gadsden 



  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Jacquelin Amantia: steel sculpture
  • Beth Appleton: Inaugural Exhibit at the Bell & Bates Building
  • Florida State University Student Exhibition: 3D Design
  • 12th Art in Gadsden



  • Members’ Summer Show
  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Dali on Tour, prints on loan from the Dali Museum
  • Florida Black History: traveling photography exhibit
  • Carriemae Marquess: decorated eggs
  • Mary Proctor: Folk Art
  • Barbara Edwards & Virginia Coultas
  • Florida State University Student Exhibition: 3D Design 
  • 11th Art in Gadsden



  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Mikki Frassrand: photography and gourd art
  • Carriemae Marquess: decorated eggs
  • Lyda Toy: oil painting
  • Eluster Richardson watercolors
  • Ed Husley turned wood and found object sculpture
  • Jean Marani photography
  • Yvonne Tucker: clay pottery & line drawing
  • Hamp Hutchinson paintings
  • 10th Art in Gadsden



  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Bill Thursby: color pencil and pen & ink
  • The Art of Dean Mitchell
  • Michael Jernigan: bronze sculpture
  • 9th Art in Gadsden



  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Betts Overstreet, Joel Sampson & Bob Rubanowice: paintings and glass
  • Melvin Lindquist & Mark Lindquist: Works in Wood woodturning
  • KOOBDOOGA Mural Project
  • 8th Art in Gadsden



  • Celebrations of the Arts: Gadsden County Students’ Show
  • Dawn McMillan watercolors
  • Music and the Arts State touring program
  • 7th Art in Gadsden



  • 6th Art in Gadsden



  • 5th Art in Gadsden



  • 4th Art in Gadsden



  • 3rd Art in Gadsden



  • 2nd Art in Gadsden



  • 1st Art in Gadsden
The deadline to submit an application for the 29th Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art has passed. Contact Curator Angie Barry if you'd like to be added to the artists list for next year.
28th Art in Gadsden:

Regional Exhibition of Fine Art

October 14–December 23, 2016 


Best in Show 
Sponsored by Doug Croley Insurance Services, Inc.


Kathleen Wilcox, Swamp Gems: 12 Birds, 2014, enamel

 First Place: 
Capital City Bank
Second Place: 
Allison House Inn 
 Third Place
 Phil Gleason
Trip to the Mini Bar, 2015, mixed media
Harris Wiltsher
Standing Tall (Golden), 2016, mixed media 
 Sharon Hester
Oh Shenandoah, 2015
 colored pencil


Sara May Love Gallery, Zoe Golloway Gallery, Munroe Family Community Gallery

The Art in Gadsden exhibition was the foundation for the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. The founders of the Art in Gadsden exhibition, Beth Appleton and David Harbaugh, wanted to bring fine art to Gadsden County, foster the careers of local artists and draw the community together through this special event. Beginning in 1989, Art in Gadsden was displayed in empty downtown storefronts in Quincy, all put together and organized by a dedicated and all volunteer community. Twenty-eight years later, the 2016 Art in Gadsden exhibition features 93 works by 75 artists who were accepted from a record number of applications. Works range from realism to abstraction, created by artists living within 200 miles or former Gadsden County residents, working in varied mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, wood, glass, clay, photography, collage, and encaustic. The award winners were selected by juror, Carrie Ann Baade, allegorical artist and FSU painting professor.

Kenneth Falana's untitled 2016 collage has been selected for the 2016 Art in Gadsden poster. Posters are for sale in the Gadsden Arts Gift Shop.

Presented by



Patron Sponsors

Mark and Patsy Bates, Richard S. Corry, Nesta and Tom Cumbie, John Shaw and Janice Curry, Mark and Martha Fletcher, Scott and Judy Gregory, Laura and David Harris, John and Emily Higdon, Alex and Jane Hinson, Bradley and Melanie Joyner, Charlotte Kelley, Stewart and Becky Parsons, Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers, Bob and Meredith Smith, Adelaide Suber, Otey and Susan Walker, James and Medora Wester, Pat & Mary Jane Woodward

Artists accepted into the 28th Art in Gadsden: Ramona Abernathy-Paine, Susan Allen, Penny G. Anderson, Mary Apple, Beth Appleton, William Barton, Matthew Brady, Debra Brienen, Randy Brienen, Marina Brown, Mayea Buchanan, Jennifer Clinard, Terrie Corbett, Virginia Coultas, Barbara Craig, Evelyn Davis, Sandy DeLopez, Wendy Devarieux, Anne G. Draper, Michelle Eccles, Kenneth Falana Sr., Kathy Ferrell, Fred Fisher, Brenda Francis, Debbie Gaedtke, Phil Gleason, Terry Hawkins, Anne Hempel, Sharon Hester, J. William Hill, Alexander Hinson, Marty Holland, Pamela Houmere, John R.L. Isaacs XV, Stuart Johnson, Todd Jones, Duke Kraai, Nan Liu, Mary Jane Lord, Jennifer Lowery, Brenda Bethay Martin, Nancy Maudlin, D. Arthur McBride, Janice "Ecinja" McCaskill, Richard McDowell, Roxane McGinniss, William McKeown, Dawn McMillan, Linda Menke, Yoshiko Murdick, Rachel Murray, Lesley Nolan, Mary Owen, Linda Pelc, Gale Poteat, Betsy Purdum, Kent Putnam, Lugenia Dixon Reynoso, Eluster Richardson, Susan Richardson, Jane Segrest, Karol Dover Selvaggio, Robert DeWitt Smith, Byron Spires, Karen Stewart, Mikiko Tanaka, Don Taylor, James Thigpen, Anne A. Thrash, Cassie Tucker, Walt Wager, Tim White, Kathleen Wilcox, Lynn Wilson, and Harris Wiltsher. 


Juror: Carrie Ann Baade

Carrie Ann Baade is known for her allegorical oil paintings. These painted parables combine remnants of Renaissance and Baroque imagery, creating surreal landscapes inhabited by exotic flora, fauna, and figures. As a contemporary painter, she returns to the relevant moments in art history in order to reclaim them, not merely as a quotation of a theme or an image, but also as the materiality of methods and techniques that ultimately create them. 


Carrie was awarded the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship in 2010, the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Established Artist in 2005, and was nominated for the prestigious United States Artist Fellowship in 2006 and the Joan Mitchell Grant in 2012. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions: the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia, Billy Shire Fine Arts in Los Angeles, the Ningbo Art Museum in China, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, Florida.



The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Artists Guild is a service group of Gadsden Arts, Inc. that exists to serve the art community and artists of the region, Gadsden Arts Center & Museum membership, and Gadsden County Schools through exhibitions and educational presentations.

Meet the Artists Guild!

About the Gadsden Arts Artists Guild Membership

  • This level membership is open to all emerging to established artists in the region.

  • Artists Guild membership dues are $125 per year.

Membership benefits

  • Work (1-2 pieces) shown in 2 Artists Guild exhibitions throughout the year

  • Exhibit work in a solo exhibition at the Gadsden County Commissioners’ Office (9 East Jefferson St.)

  • Gadsden Arts receives a 30% commission on works sold (instead of 40%) in Artists Guild installations (does not apply to Museum Shop items or Out of Pocket exhibitions)

  • A Family Membership to the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum (Artists with memberships that have been renewed within the last 6 months pay the difference)

  • Publicity opportunities through Gadsden Arts monthly Enews and website

  • Access to the Gadsden Arts Artists Guild online Portal


  • Guild members agree to lend their expertise as artists to Gadsden Arts once each year, either by offering an educational presentation for the public/schools/families, by assisting with exhibition preparation, or by assisting with an exhibition opening reception.

  • Membership dues and contact information must be current (this is the artist-member’s responsibility). 

  • Artists must furnish works for exhibition upon request, or may lose their spot in the artist exhibition rotation.

  • All work must be provided ready to install/hang, properly mounted or framed, with wire for hanging (no clips or sawtoothed hangers).

  • All work for exhibition is accompanied by a Loan Agreement and W-9 form.

  • Each artist is responsible to bring/ship artwork to and from Gadsden Arts.

download the application


Join Online



Contact Curator Angie Barry by email or (850) 627-5021.

Exhibiting Opportunities

Thank you so much for your interest in exhibiting your artwork at the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. We have several ways for artists to exhibit with us:

1) Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Artists Guild: This $125/year membership includes: a Family membership to the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum, an opportunity to exhibit artwork in 2 Guild exhibitions in the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum's Bates Community Room Gallery, an opportunity to exhibit in a satellite space, a reduced commissioned fee (70/30 instead of 60/40), and a chance to participate in any educational critiques or presentations we offer.
Click here to learn more.

2) Gadsden Arts Museum Shop: The shop is dedicated to displaying original work and reproductions by local artists and artisans with the hope that the visitor will find items which reflect the culture and heritage of the area to take away with them. Art books, exhibition catalogues, jewelry and items for children are also for sale. Artists must be a member of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum at some level and the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum takes a 40% commission on sales. Contact our Gift Shop Manager Becky Reep on Saturdays: 850.627.5023.

3) Annual Art in Gadsden: Regional Exhibition of Fine Art: Artists living within 200 miles of Quincy, Florida, or a former Gadsden County resident, are invited to apply to participate in the annual Art in Gadsden: a regional exhibition of fine art at the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum. Opening every fall, this exhibition draws visitors and patrons from across the region each year, showcasing art from over 50 selected artists. New and returning, established and emerging artists are welcome to apply. The information for the 29th Art in Gadsden in 2017 can be found here. To be added to the artists' list for future exhibitions, contact Curator Angie Barry, 850.627.5021.

4) Apply to exhibit in the 1st floor gallery spaces: The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum invites artists and/or groups to apply to exhibit in its 1st floor exhibition spaces. All artists or institutions wishing to exhibit must submit the Exhibition Proposal Form which requires at least 10-20 quality images as examples of the work to be included in an exhibition, a biographical sketch, and a resume including a list of past exhibits, awards, collections, and bibliography. Artists are encouraged to exhibit a new body of work. Proposals may be submitted at any time either by mail, email or in person, but ALL parts of the proposal must be included. 

Complete proposals are reviewed by the Exhibition Committee every 3 months. Artists are asked to not inquire about the status of an application. Notifications will be sent to artists/groups as soon as decisions are made. Exhibitions are scheduled 24-36 months in advance. The Exhibition Committee will not accept applications from artists who have exhibited at the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum within 5 years, unless it is a new body of work. For all major exhibitions (group exhibitions and Art in Gadsden excluded), artists agree to not have a large/solo exhibition of the same work anywhere within 200 miles of the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum within 3 years preceding their exhibition at Gadsden Arts. Exhibitions are generally open for 11 weeks but that time may vary. Please note, no shipping, transportation, housing, materials allowance, or honorariums are provided to the artist/ender unless otherwise specified on the exhibition acceptance letter. Exhibiting artists are responsible for shipping/delivery and pick up of artwork or must arrange for, and cover, shipping costs. Click here to download the Exhibition Proposal Form in Word, and here as a PDF.

5) Munroe Family Community Gallery: A new gallery space that opened in 2016 features regional artists in our community working in all media and levels. Artists and artist groups can sign up for 1-2 month exhibition slots. The space is designed to be a learning opportunity for artists, with the opportunity to work directly with Gadsden Arts Center & Museum staff to learn about preparing artwork for exhibition, installing, lighting, and labeling. Download more information about the Munroe Family Community Gallery and the Exhibition Application here.


For more information:

Curator Angie Barry by email or 850.627.5021.

Help us bring the magic of art to our community!

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture


Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, 
Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs,
and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture



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